Q: I need a website, logo, mobile app, press release, and a gazillion other things. How can you help me?

A: Whoa, first off -- please tell me who your target customer/user is and what problem you're trying to solve for them. If you can answer those questions, then I would be happy to help you. For example, I will not design a mobile app if your user doesn't even use mobile.


Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: The best way to contact me is to shoot me a message via my Contact page.


Q: Do you have a blog?

A: I currently write about design, fashion, and travel at Pompous Parade.


Q: Who took the photos on your home and contact pages?

A: Mark Pfeffer took the portrait on my homepage. The talented Patrick Lu took the photo on my contact page. 


Q: You've heard A LOT of startup ideas at different 3 Day Startup programs. What are some of the best ideas?

A: I've heard similar or identical ideas pitched at almost every 3DS program I've facilitated. The team and execution are more important and makes a huge difference in the end game.


Q: What inspires you?

A: My travels, the stillness of early mornings when no one is out and about, forcing myself to do things I'm afraid of, audio books because it throws a wrench at how I normally process paper books, showers at 2 am, and this face that reminds me not to be stupid.


Q: You travel a lot. Do you have any recommendations?

A: Yes! One of the only reasons why I use Foursquare is to document all of my favorite spots when I travel so I can remember them all. See my lists for favorites in Thailand, NYC, to Colombia.


Q: I need help with a project. Can you recommend a _____?

A: Photographer (Danny YirgouJojo MarionPatrick Lu), Designer/Artist (Mason McFeeKathy TranTom Ahn), Filmmaker (Good Luck Sir), Mobile/Web Developer (Jackrabbit Mobile), Programming Bootcamp/Coding School (MakerSquare).

I'm fortunate enough to know many other extremely talented people. Please shoot me an email if you need any other recommendations!