Project Union

  • I am an individual contributor to Project Union, a company wide effort to realign our products and provide a unified experience that delivers an expert, personalized, and joyful journey to our couples. Our efforts now focus on creating a consistent design language, and documenting it through a new live style guide.
  • We kicked off our product development with a component cut-up workshop. Once we developed our list of components, we ported those into Airtable and started making a system of content patterns and display patterns. We were really influenced by Dan Mall’s article and loved his approach of thinking about content versus display.

Article Cards

I developed several different display patterns for article cards in our new design system. The goal was to create flexible display patterns that would allow us to build curated sets of articles. Content is important to The Knot as it reinforces our brand voice of being the expert in weddings. Content is also the biggest acquisition funnel into other product areas of The Knot.

Next Steps

These display patterns are currently being developed by the core front end squad. The pages are being tested in a beta environment for SEO implications.

The Knot - Project Union

Product Design, User Research, UX, Visual Design

I am a Senior Product Designer for the consumer marketplace, where we connect couples to wedding vendors.

Product teams at The Knot work within cross-functional, autonomous squads which own specific product areas.