experience mapping

At the beginning of the year, I led a zone wide experience mapping session. The activity of mapping builds knowledge and consensus across teams and stakeholders, and the map as artifact allows you to create and support better user/customer experiences.

Intention of this exercise:

  • Build empathy and understanding in actual user/customer needs
  • Identify specific areas of opportunity to drive ideation and innovation.
  • Provide a common “big picture”
  • Help break down silos with cross-squad collaboration
  • Help bring focus
  • Reveal unnoticed value-creation opportunities

Prep & Planning Timeline: 4-6 weeks

Duration of Mapping Session: 3 days, allot 2-3 hours per day

Organizing Team: 5 people

Participants: 4-12 people, cross-disciplinary (design, research, product, engineering, marketing, etc)


From Insight to Action

From this zone wide experience mapping session, our squad identified key areas of opportunities within the product area that we owned.

Challenge: Our product area falls within the "research" and "validation" stages. During these stages, we found that our users are often paralyzed by choice, frustration, and stress. When we layer on the conversion metrics from our platform we observed that only about 30% of our users were filtering on our results pages to find the right vendors that match their needs.

marketplace map

Prototyping and Testing


We ran 6 moderated in-person user studies to gain better insight into our users' mental models when presented a prototype of a guided filter experience.


  • We believe that improving how couples search and find vendors on TK will help decrease choice paralysis, which will lead to an increase in higher quality leads for our vendors.
  • We believe there are three hard facets that rarely change when couples are researching their venue.

Link to prototype: https://xogrp.invisionapp.com/share/Y5BA0MZDS



Guided filters

  • 5/6 users intuitively used guided filters and were able to answer all questions, which gave us a signal to move forward with A/B testing this experience on the current site

Next Steps

I cleaned up the visual language for this guided filter widget to match the north star direction of our new design system. After A/B testing this experience on venue result pages, we found that this increased conversion by 10%. We are now in the discovery process to kick off a larger redesign of result pages. 

The Knot - Results page

Product Design, User Research, UX, Visual Design

I am a Senior Product Designer for the consumer marketplace, where we connect couples to wedding vendors.

Product teams at The Knot work within cross-functional, autonomous squads which own specific product areas.