Before the Redesign

Spokefly was bootstrapped by two entrepreneurs who initially built the platform themselves. In about a month of their launch, Spokefly acquired a hefty user base. After TechCrunch wrote about the startup during SXSW 2014, the platform garnered more attention. Spokefly is in the process of raising another round of funding to expand to cities outside of Austin. This prompted the founders to reach out to me for a redesign for their homepage. 

Spokefly is Everyone's Bike

The goals of the redesign were to improve the site's navigation, help focus the content, and extend the branding guidelines from the logo I designed onto the website. Before moving to the visual design of the home page, I worked with the Spokefly team to mock up two different wireframes that explored different aspects of the platform. As the platform is largely consumer based, we ended up choosing a layout that highlighted a large hero image to give the homepage a sense of adventure and attitude through lifestyle imagery.

As Spokefly is a peer-to-peer marketplace, it was important to highlight two different call to actions throughout the homepage. The first call to action was to get new people to sign up for Spokefly. This was highlighted more heavily through larger button sizes and prime placement. The second call to action was to get people to list their bikes. That was highlighted as a button in the navigation.



Logo design, brand identity, web design 

Tagline: Everyone's Bike

Based in Austin, Spokefly is a peer to peer bike sharing startup.

The logo, branding, and web redesign celebrate the spirit of community and adventure on the open road.