Before the Redesign

Challenge: Licensed content is core to NewsCred's business, but the user experience of discovering and publishing licensed articles/images was cumbersome and clunky, resulting in a high churn rate. We believe by improving this experience, retention will increase.

user research & ux diagnostic

Before the release, I sat down with editors and curators to understand how users accomplishing their goals using the platform today. Based on those sessions I was able to identify key pain points within their user journey. My squad and I also wrote scenarios based on these job roles to perform a UX Diagnostic. This identified key areas in the user experience that needed to be improved.


design sprint

At the beginning of the release, I organized a design sprint with cross-team collaboration from other departments at the company to help us ideate and converge on an idea to prototype and test.

Several ideas were wireframed and prototyped. I conducted usability tests throughout the release 1-2 sprints ahead of the development cycle.


Product Design, User Research, UX, Visual Design

NewsCred is a content marketing platform used by some of the biggest brands.

This was the first project I worked on during Q1 2016 as a full-stack product designer. During each release, product and engineering self-organize into small autonomous squads to tackle customer problems.