Before the redesign

Donorbox released the first iteration of the widget and gained a few initial customers. As the widget gained popularity with nonprofits and political candidates, the team approached me to redesign the look and feel of the homepage as well as the UI of the widget.

An Experience Made for Donors

I mocked up two different wireframes that refocused the layout of the homepage to highlight the simplicity of the widget. My goals were to simplify the messaging and distill key content points to support the UVP of the widget. I redesigned the UI of the web and mobile widget to reflect a modern look and feel while maintaining elements that promoted usability.


Web design, UI design

Donorbox is a donation widget for nonprofits.

I redesigned the UI of the donation widget to reflect a cleaner look and feel. The UX was modeled after Obama's donation widget from his last presidential campaign.

The home page rebrand was implemented to highlight the simplicity of the widget.